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RE: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

>> I think as a system administrator, one is out of luck if one can't
>> follow the English announcements anyway.

>I dislike this attitude "No English, no IT". In many states school
systems >aren't good enough or English is not taught
>as first foreign language. As a side note: I personally know Germans
and >foreign Chinese students here in Germany
>working in this business, whose English skills wouldn`t allow reading
>complicated DSAs.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not promoting an elite circle of
"selbstbeweihraeuchernden Goettern" as you Germans call it, that
distinguishes itself by the fact that they are able to speak English. I
would support anything that would open this topic to a broader
community. But for the reasons I stated I do not believe that a
translated list will help much in this matter.
In fact English is not my first foreign language either; it is not even
my second foreign language. But I decided to learn enough of it to
participate here, not because I like the language so much but because I
found I could not get around without it.
I was really surprised (in a positive way) to hear from these German and
Chinese linux administrators that are doing well without being able to
understand english DSA's. I am really wondering how they do it, because
I could not do it.

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