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Re: utilisateur backup

Mathias Palm <Mathias.Palm@gmx.net> writes:

> I am using it to backup a bunch of maschines on one tape also using
> cron. I found it easy to configure and am quite satisfied. You can even
> configure Amanda in a way that it only transfers changes. On the other
> hand, Amanda is meant to dump backups on tapes. I cant tell you if there
> is an easy way to reconfigure it.

No tape device here.

>>    - If it is unsecure, how would I do such backups without having to
>>      enter passpgrase/passwd ?
> What sort of security do you want? Do you want your backups be 
> encrypted? Amanda can't do that, to my knowledge. 

I'd like network transfers to be inexploitable by other parts : only
admins of both machines should be able to get in backups (that implies
file permissions locally, and encrypted communication between stations).

> Amanda provides some sort of restricted host access. But I cant tell, if
> it would retain a determined attacker.
> Otherwise I have not heart of exploits of amanda yet. 

Lets hope we won't.

>> Thanks a lot

Again :-)


Boris Daix

	"Feel free to be free, or not to be..."

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