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Re: utilisateur backup

"Noah L. Meyerhans" <frodo@morgul.net> writes:

> So the worst that can happen if the key gets compromised is that the
> attacker can trigger a backup of your system.  Conceivably this could be
> a DoS, at worst.  But it's a very common setup.  In fact, the standard
> method of mirroring Debian involves exactly this type of configuration.

What I wonder is how far the backup user can read (or, worst, even write) to
local fs. If it's just able to look at some /home and /var dirs, and
can write only to /var/backups, it would be enough and I'll be quite
confident. But at this time I don't know how to know this.

>> >    - Is amanda appropriate for this task and would it be more secure
>> >      to use it instead ?
>> I am using it to backup a bunch of maschines on one tape also using
>> cron. I found it easy to configure and am quite satisfied. You can even
>> configure Amanda in a way that it only transfers changes. On the other
>> hand, Amanda is meant to dump backups on tapes. I cant tell you if there
>> is an easy way to reconfigure it.
> Amanda has no security.  It does not encrypt any of the data going out
> over the network.  I doesn't support strong host authentication.  It
> can't be tunnelled over ssh.  Tunnelling rdump over ssh is way more
> secure than amanda.  Running amanda over an IPsec link is a good
> approach, and what I use to backup most of my servers.

I don't know IPsec - but I'm too ashame to ask for what it implies
:-)) I'll look for it, but as I won't use amanda ('cause no tape),
backup user may be better if I find what it has access to.

>> Amanda provides some sort of restricted host access. But I cant tell, if
>> it would retain a determined attacker.
> It supports .amandahosts.  It's similar to .rhosts.  It can also do
> kerberos, but most people don't have a kerberos infrastructure.
> noah
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