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Re: utilisateur backup

Boris Daix <Boris.Daix@insa-lyon.fr> wrote:

>    - Can I safely give an SSH key to my backup user without any
>      passphrase so that it could be automated via cron ?

You can use `ssh-keygen -f single_action_key' to create a key for remote execution of scripts.

On the remote end, add this key to the `.ssh/authorized_keys' file.  You should add a forced command so that only one command may be executed with that key.

For rsync(1), you need to capture the exact switches of the rsync server
command.  To do this, you can use this script on the destination server:

open CAPTURE, ">$ENV{HOME}/capture.log";
print CAPTURE "@ARGV\n";
close CAPTURE;

Then add --rsync-path=/path/to/script to your rsync command line.  This
will leave something similar to the following in the destination

--server -vlgtpr --partial . yourhost

So, you would use an authorized_keys entry like this (all one line):

command="rsync --server -vlogDtpr --partial . yourhost",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-pty,1024 35 23...2334 Server backup key

For more complete security, you could add a `chroot' jail to the above

>    - Is amanda appropriate for this task and would it be more secure
>      to use it instead ?
>    - If it is unsecure, how would I do such backups without having to
>      enter passpgrase/passwd ?

System backups are always an easy entry point, very often they contain
things like secret keys to encryption, etc that will allow a malicious
user to pretend to be the machine that they have access to the backups of.
 Protect your backups carefully!
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