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utilisateur backup

Hi all,

   I'd like to make backup via cron and I saw there were a user 
named "backup" in passwd file. My problem is that the backups should
travel via LAN to another machine (running Woody too), so that
they backup eachother in fact. I'd like to use rsync to transfer only
changes, with SSH to increase security, but my question is :

   - Can I safely give an SSH key to my backup user without any
     passphrase so that it could be automated via cron ?
   - Is amanda appropriate for this task and would it be more secure
     to use it instead ?
   - If it is unsecure, how would I do such backups without having to
     enter passpgrase/passwd ?

Thanks a lot

Boris Daix

	"Feel free to be free, or not to be..."

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