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Re: off topic: quoting (was Re: html spam)

Christian G. Warden <cwarden@xerus.org> wrote:

(I should've taken this off of the list already, but ah well...)

> i tend to prefer top-posting except when responding point by point
> between paragraphs.  admittedly, it's lazy and encourages excessive
> quoting, but this just feels awkward.  i'll try it out for a few days.
> maybe it'll grow on me.

Well, it's also ackward to reply to posts (or news articles), where the
reply is on top of the quoted text. Makes it harder to read; you don't
read books upside down either, do you? :-) Anyway, I guess it's not that
big deal, but at least I consider it as a Bad Thing. As you say,
top-posting usually leads to very excessive quoting and either way, IMHO
it's much harder to read a mail upside down. 

> thanks for the required_hits tip. next time i try SA, i'll read
> through the docs more thoroughly.

No problem. 

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