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Re: html spam

Thomas Buhk <tbuhk@swing-ag.de> wrote:

>> If you don't want any spam, it's up to *you*.
> i don't think so. i think spam is a problem *all* have!

That's true, fair enough. But in the end, if you don't wanna receive any
spam, you should set up good Procmail recipes. Or, the easy way; install
SpamAssassin. :-) It is *really* good, I have to emphasize it again and

If I'd be whining to every mailing list I've subscribed to (believe me,
there are *many*), I would still receive tons of spam, no matter how
politely I would've been asking. As I said, after installing this
marvellous software, the amount of spam that comes *through* has dropped
to almost zero. You really should consider installing it.

> a first step would be if mailinglist (this include) drop any html
> mail. next step could be to remove those with 'unsubscibe' in the 
> subject >;>

Well, again -- before I set up SA, I had Procmail recipe, which would
kill all mails with Content-type: text/html and also all mails with
subject 'unsubscribe'. This worked fine -- for me, at least.

>> I recommend visiting <URL: http://www.spamassassin.org >
>> and setting it up. My spam problems have ended after installing it.
> can't say anything about it. the url was refused by the host...

Umm, something weird is going on in your end, because I can access the
site with no trouble at all. Try adding a trailing slash to that URL,
if it would help? Pretty weird indeed, because I just pasted that URL
I wrote and am looking at the page right now...

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