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Re: html spam

Christian G. Warden <cwarden@xerus.org> wrote:

(Could you please post your reply *below* the quoted text? Top-posting
is quite irritating, IMHO)

> i just want to add a warning about spamassassin.  i had it setup for
> about a week and it was very good at catching spam, but occassionally it
> would drive the cpu load into the 20s.  

Yes, I can say this, as well. My computer swapped twice (so much, that I
had to hit MSysRq and boot) because of SA started to investigate pretty
big binary mails. Although, "fixing" the problem is pretty easy; just
add 'required_hits = x' in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs, where 'x' is
maybe 5 or something else. This makes SA to stop processing mails
further than hits you just specified.

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