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Re: stable/secure mini-distros

We may be willing to put effort where mouth is, as the current
situation is far from ideal, and twood be a sad day if Debian were
to continue to fade into the shadows of outdated package obscurity,

0)    Is this even possible?

Why not? given enough time and money anything is possible!

1)    Can we flesh up a more concrete set of objectives?

Why not?

1.a)  and a set of outline steps to achieve this?

Why Not?

2)    Which is the best Debian forum?

Obviously not this one.

2.a)  Who needs to be involved [DPL?]

Like I said it could be handled as a different distro based on debian. I think there is at least one distro based on debian still around (libre I think). The trick will be to think small. Nobody is going to get rich over this and in today's environment you'll be lucky to break even. It might be possible to run it as a branch of the debian project but there might be too many hoops to jump with that one.

Tim Uckun
US Investigations Services/Due Diligence

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