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Re: These 'roots' are bugging me.

On Wednesday 31 December 1969 17:00, Gergely Trifonov wrote:

> dave,
> running BIND as a non-privileged user is a good idea, but putting it
> into a chroot jail _and
> _ running as a non-root user is much safer.
> i've recently created a chroot'd BIND and use it on a production server;
> it's not that difficult. if you want to do this, the chroot-BIND8 howto
> is your friend: http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/Chroot-BIND8-HOWTO.html
> this document is really good, but some additional work needs to be done
> to get the thing work on debian.

Remember to statically compile BIND if your going to place it in a chroot 
jail, there's another document on securing BIND at


Have fun.


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