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These 'roots' are bugging me.

I have a number of Debian 2.2 systems that have some critical daemons running as root. The most concerning offender is BIND8. BIND has been tried and convicted, and by judging its turbulent past, I have no choice but to demote it from its root status. I don't have dynamic interfaces for it to play with so it clearly has no business being root. I have no experience demoting BIND, but I realize I must. Making a chroot'ed environment isn't as large a concern for me as just dropping root from the daemon. My question is can I perform this task in a 'Debian' way? By that I mean can I follow a HOWTO aimed at Debian, so Apt wont trample of my work during the next BIND update? Does anyone have a methodology for BIND8 on Debian 2.2?

Thanks much.
-A. Dave

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