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Re: OFFTOPIC: Linux in the Bundestag(german parliament) - Petition

Johannes Weiss wrote:
> Sorry, this is offtopic, but in my opignion important:
> Hi @all,
> please go to http://www.bundestux.de and vote for Linux in the Bundestag
> (german parliament), please...
> Weissi

While I admire your desire for a Linux lobby group to improve your
nation's government, I'm annoyed that you are bringing it up in an
inappropirate forum (for Debian security issues), and I'm disappointed
that you want to influence your government by using people who are not

In short: only German citizens have a say in German government, and this
mailing list is not populated solely by German citizens.  If we were to
sign your petition, the Bundestag would see many non-citizens on the
petition and throw it out.

[substitute German/Bundestag with America/(Senate|Congress) or
(Canada|England|Australia)/Parliment as appropriate]

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