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Re: Junkbuster cannot resolve names?

I wrote this about using junkbuster on a testing machine.
> When I
> try to access a page that is not on my machine, I get the message 'No
> such domain: www.google.com' (for example).  However, when I
> try (google's ip), I did get the page and I was
> able to search and click around a bit.  But, when I clicked 'Google'
> on one of their webpages (i.e., back to www.google.com), I got the 'No
> such domain' message again.  

After playing with junkbuster somemore, I think the problem is that
when started as a daemon, it is running as UID = junkbust.  When I run
it from a root command line, it works just fine, running as root!
I am at a loss as to how I allow the user junkbust to resolve ip
addresses.  Can I change the group membership of the user junkbust to
something else?  What should it be, users?  Also, what security goals
am I circumventing by changing this?

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers.

Brian Flaherty

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