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RE: dpkg-buildpackage (-rfakeroot) leaves setuid binaries

For the non-mathmatical, or rather gramatical, style to say it, I use the phrase:

"Security is Inconvenient."

The first time I say it to someone, they usually pause for a moment, digest it, and it really helps in further discussions about "what to do about...".

It's my answer, for instance, when someone notices just how much I type to open an SSH session. "Wow, that's a long password." "Yep, security is inconvenient." Sometimes this leads to *their* inquiring as to what it buys, and leads to another informed user who doesn't feel pressured.

It isn't just UNIX, have you ever looked at how every openable thing on a Catarpiller earth-moving machine has a way to padlock it closed? One key for simple operation, another key for routine engine maintenance, maybe a pass-key (su) for the shop forman, etc... 


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> yes, that's UNIX life. convenience ~ security^-1,
> where operator~ here is "proportional"
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