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Linux box as an IPsec router

Hi I'm investigating the possibility to use Linux box as an IPsec router. I
want to be able to connect win clients to a LAN over the internet using
IPsec. there is a win2k server set up with IPsec. Has any one any experience
with this?

some thoughts:

It needs to completely block ALL other incoming and outgoing traffic. (I
want to force the clients thru a proxy.)

It has to be rook stable.

Maybe it needs to have some form of local ip handling (DHCP etc.)

The server has static ip but the IPsec router dose not.

I think there are some plug and pray routers ho has these functions all
ready, but if I can use a free Linux on a old pc.

I herd something about the windows implementation of the Kerberos V5
Protocol not being compatible with the Kerberos V5 Protocol. hens it dos not
work with any thing else then Windows Is this true?

Is there anything else I need to think about?

Looking forward to you're creative input.


Gerhard Just Olsen
Operational Consultant
IT Service, Operational Related Services
Siemens Business Services
Tel  ++ 47 73 95 99 35
Fax ++ 47 73 95 99 37

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