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Mail server anti-virus software?


I am setting up a (updating an existing) mail server at our company and would like to get some recommendations on what anti-virus software to run on the server. Currently I'm only looking for an on-demand mail scanner. (Maybe also with some kind of HTTP proxy support too. On-access scanning would also be a nice option, if I set up a samba server later.)

I've tried to check a few websites for info on the commercial products, but I find them mostly confusing. Many have like one to a billion different 'products' or 'solutions' listed and I can't find the magic word linux anywhere either... :/

Well, here's my list of questions:
   Are there any free or no cost solutions (for corporate use)?
Should I go for McAfee, Kaspersky, H+BEDV, Trend Micro, F-Secure or something else?
   What are you using?
   What's good or bad about them/it?
   Is there any comparisions of the products available in the web?
Also, which mailserver would you recommend? (I have to learn one anyway.)
   Any good resources in the web?

The server is running Debian Potato 2.2 with Bunk's kernel 2.4 updates. Current kernel is 2.2.19, but I will probably update it to 2.4(.17) soon to get ext3 support. The current MTA is sendmail 8.9.3-23. (The HTTP proxy solution that the company uses, is Apache 1.3.9-14 with proxy_module and Junkbuster 2.0-7.1)

Thanks in advance,
Mikko Kilpikoski

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