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RE: Mail server anti-virus software?

> I've tried to check a few websites for info on the commercial products,
> but I find them mostly confusing. Many have like one to a billion
> different 'products' or 'solutions' listed and I can't find the magic
> word linux anywhere either... :/
> Well, here's my list of questions:
>     Are there any free or no cost solutions (for corporate use)?

Officially - no.
I'd recommend Kaspersky or drweb32. The have close to similar functionality
on the server side.

>     Should I go for McAfee, Kaspersky, H+BEDV, Trend Micro, F-Secure or
> something else?
>     What are you using?

I am using kaspersky mail server antivirus - it seamlessly integrates into
most of exisiting mail servers under unix (sendmail, qmail, exim, postfix).
The only reason is they have offered free beta evaluation to me.

>     What's good or bad about them/it?
Nothing bad as for me :)
Oh, yeah - McAfee doesn't have suitable software solution - only combined
with hardware. Nothing bad but the cost...
>     Is there any comparisions of the products available in the web?
Concerning what?
As for number of viruses - McAfee and Kaspersky.
As for friendly user interface - I don't care. It is server solution for me,
so config files are ok. :)
As for size - drweb32.
>     Also, which mailserver would you recommend? (I have to learn one
> anyway.)
I'd recommend QMail. Why? - Read some mailing lists... And this is commonly
the question of religion.

Wish you good luck in this constant war!


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