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Re: ssh and root

Vineet Kumar <debian-security@virtual.doorstop.net> writes:

> * Robert Epprecht (epprecht@sunweb.ch) [011208 02:31]:
>> I need ssh to access some cvs servers.  As the files are stored locally
>> below /usr/local/ and ordinary users have no write access there I called
>> ssh-keygen as root.

> Rather than root, add your user account to group staff. This gives
> you access to /usr/local.

I'll do that, thank you for good advice (including your warnings).

> So, when doing this, only do it to accounts you trust very well and that
> are very well-guarded. It's best to only give group staff to (the person(s)
> who is/are root)'s user account(s).

This is a 'multi user single person' machine ;-)

> It is one step better than using root directly, though (IMO).

> good times,

Same to you!  Robert

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