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Re: password expire and sshd doesn't allow ppl to change it

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>>>>> "Oyvind" == Oyvind A Holm <sunny@ba.no> writes:

Oyvind> In fact I think the OpenSSH distributed with potato should be
Oyvind> upgraded.  I could not use the version shipped with potato as it
Oyvind> did not understand protocol 2 which is a must.

Note: just because it is a must for you doesn't mean that you have the
right to insist that the version in potato gets upgraded.  They only
upgrade potato packages to fix security problems, and maybe serious bugs
too.  There are plenty of packages in potato that are missing features
that people need.  If you need a newer version, either upgrade to woody
or sid, or compile from source.

Oyvind> When trying to install OpenSSH-2.2p2 (I think) from woody,
Oyvind> dependencies with libc6-dev and locales broke, they expect libc6
Oyvind> = 2.1.3-18, but OpenSSH needs libc6-2.2.4-1.

It's generally a bad idea (as you found out) to install woody packages
on a potato box.  Compile the source instead.  Or upgrade the whole
system to woody.  Or sid.

Oyvind> It resulted in me getting the whole OpenSSH, OpenSSL and zlib,
Oyvind> compiling and putting it under a new directory /usr/local/noapt/
Oyvind> to avoid collisions with apt-get.

What you want to do is:

As root:
# apt-get build-dep openssh

And you may need to apt-get install fakeroot, if you haven't already.

Then as a normal user (in your home directory, or a subdirectory
# apt-get source openssh
# cd openssh-<version number>
# fakeroot debian/rules binary
# cd ..

And then, as root:
# dpkg -i <all the .deb files that it created>

If problems arise in the build process, you may need to muck around in
the debian/rules script, or some other things in the debian directory.

Of course, this is all assuming that you have the appropriate source
lines in your sources.list file.

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