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Re: password expire and sshd doesn't allow ppl to change it

On 2001-09-22 03:33 Ethan Benson wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 10:30:53AM +0200, Luca Gibelli wrote:
> > I created a new account for testing purposes and put the following
> > limits on its password age:
> known bug in potato's ssh, password expiration simply doesn't work
> with it, as soon as it expires ssh denies access flat out. your only
> option is either upgrading to woody or backporting the woody ssh
> package to potato (probably not very hard at all).
> i recommend backporting the sid ssh packages to potato. if someone
> hasn't already done that...

In fact I think the OpenSSH distributed with potato should be upgraded.
I could not use the version shipped with potato as it did not
understand protocol 2 which is a must. When trying to install
OpenSSH-2.2p2 (I think) from woody, dependencies with libc6-dev and
locales broke, they expect libc6 = 2.1.3-18, but OpenSSH needs
libc6-2.2.4-1. Quite weird it needs just that specific version - should
not the newer versions also work? Well, it messed up apt-get entirely,
and as a very new Debian user (less than a week) not too used to
apt-get and dpkg I just reinstalled the whole thing.

It resulted in me getting the whole OpenSSH, OpenSSL and zlib,
compiling and putting it under a new directory
/usr/local/noapt/ to avoid collisions with apt-get.

Is there a clean way of upgrading the SSH package and avoid the

Apart from that, Debian is just GREAT. I've been using RedHat since
1997 or something, but that has undoubtedly changed. I like the
philosophy of not moving the bleeding-edge stuff into the stable
release before one's sure it WORKS. And Debian does that.

Having that in mind, I disagree a bit with myself when asking for an
SSH upgrade. :-)

When upgrading from RedHat 6.1 (If it works don't fix it) I had to
examine their 7.1 release closely due to their unstable gcc episode in
7.0. Finding they included the (in my opinion) unstable 2.4.something
kernel, the choice was easy. It had to be Debian. And it will stay that

   - Øyvind

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