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Re: password expire and sshd doesn't allow ppl to change it

On Sat, Sep 22, 2001 at 03:29:47PM +0200, Oyvind A. Holm wrote:
> In fact I think the OpenSSH distributed with potato should be upgraded.
> I could not use the version shipped with potato as it did not
> understand protocol 2 which is a must. When trying to install
> OpenSSH-2.2p2 (I think) from woody, dependencies with libc6-dev and
> locales broke, they expect libc6 = 2.1.3-18, but OpenSSH needs
> libc6-2.2.4-1. Quite weird it needs just that specific version - should
> not the newer versions also work? Well, it messed up apt-get entirely,

no packages linked against newwer libc won't run against older
versions of libc (usually).  

> and as a very new Debian user (less than a week) not too used to
> apt-get and dpkg I just reinstalled the whole thing.

woody binary packages are not compatible with potato.  deal with it.

thats why i said *backport* the woody packages to potato, that does
NOT mean `download woody packages and run dpkg -i on them'

> It resulted in me getting the whole OpenSSH, OpenSSL and zlib,
> compiling and putting it under a new directory
> /usr/local/noapt/ to avoid collisions with apt-get.

you don't need to do that.

> Is there a clean way of upgrading the SSH package and avoid the
> conflicts?

yes compile the woody source package on potato, then it will be linked
against potato libc instead of woody libc.  sometimes you have to do
some changes to the packages debian build process since some packages
use dpkg features not present in potato, or use new features in
debhelper not present in potato.  anyone with basic shell scripting
and a bit of Makefile experience should be able to handle that with
not much difficulty.  

Ethan Benson

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