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Re: apt-get install apache (was "red worm amusement")

On Sun, Jul 22, 2001 at 07:59:47AM -0500, chandler wrote:
> Similarly, after a recent apt-get dist-upgrade (intended to grab security 
> updates only, 

Then why did you dist-upgrade?  I think it's pretty self-explanatory
that if you're upgrading from one distribution to another (like from
stable to testing) you use dist-upgrade.  If you're upgrading for
security and bug fixes, you use upgrade.

> so should I remove the non security.debian.org URLs from 
> /apt/sources?)

No, just don't use dist-upgrade and make sure all of your sources are
pointing to the correct distribution of Debian you are tracking.

> on my firewall box, I somehow managed to get all of X windows 
> installed and a copule of services I didn't want installed AND started AND 
> added to /etc/rc*.d. Thankfully X windows still requires "startx" to get 
> going, but the services (junkbuster and wwwoffle) were just there. And while 
> reboots on that machine are limited to power outages, it's still extra work 
> to administer that stuff into the 'off' position.

apt-get remove junkbuster wwwoffle --purge
Not so hard to me.

> To me the lack of warnings or configurability during an apt-get install for a 
> service is a questionable practice. 

Have you ever bothered to lower your message priority in debconf?
dpkg-reconfigure debconf.  Choose 'low'.

Learn about the tools before you start to criticize them.


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