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Re: red worm amusement

Jacob Meuser <jakemsr@clipper.net> writes:
> Still not the point.  I'm talking about services being enabled, either 
> by default, or by apt-get.


> ftpd is not enabled by default.

So imagine someone looking for a ftp-server, and, as it happens to be
the case, finds one, say, per locate, in /usr/libexec, which already
has a line corresponding to it in /etc/inetd.conf, though commented

> There are many ways to locally compromise any Unix-like OS,
> therefore it has a rather low priority.

This sounds a bit illogical to me. If there are 'many ways', shouldn't
it rather be 'high priority', especially, as this renders per-daemon
uids basically useless?

> And whose going to teach them?  Certainly not an OS that makes it as
> easy as 'apt-get install apache'!

OSs don't teach people anything, documentation does. Which won't get
read anyway or at least be ignored.

> Maybe you don't get it.  A system that is compromised poses a danger

So what? Try a cable-cutter.

stone me

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