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Re: gnupg problem

>  If mailcrypt can be installed and do useful stuff without any
> packages from non-free installed, then it should itself be in main,
> shouldn't it?

Why not use XEmacs instead of Emacs and kill the need for this package?
better still, use mutt which has all the support in there. Also, from
early on it has already been said that the maintainer for the mailcrypt
package has been notified, as the package is in contrib it is there
responsibility, surely. The security team where fixing a bug in the main
distribution, that's the job they do (and they do it well).

>  IMHO, security fixes should still go into security.d.o ASAP, without
> waiting for packages that depend on them to be updated, but those
> packages _do_ need to be updated.

Agreed, and it was said at the beginning of the thread that the
maintainer had been notified, so the mailcrypt package *will* be

Just my 2ps worth

Brett Parker

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