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Re: gnupg problem


> In fact, the only reason mailcrypt is in contrib is that it adapts to
> the patent-restricted versions of gpg/pgp software.  As far as its use
> with gpg, it belongs in main.

A reading of the Debian Social Contract (section 5) contains the 
following concerning "contrib" and "non-free"...

	"The software in these directories is not part of the  
	 Debian system, although it has been configured for
	 use with Debian".
One of the things that I find admirable about the Debian people is
that they draw a very clear and crisp line as to what they consider
acceptable to include in their distribution.  Any compromise with
those principles should be avoided.  

Mailcrypt isn't part of Debian, so it's not the responciblity of the
security team.


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