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Re: port 111.

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 12:13:23AM -0700, Tim Uckun wrote:
> >
> >  Unless you're providing public NFS service, or some other RPC thing, then
> >no, there's no good reason whatsoever.
> Good I won't be worried about blackholing them then.
> How about 113?
> I had to exempt that port because when I tried to get a CPAN module 
> onion.valueclick.net tried to do something with it. Then perl could no 
> longer see CPAN. Seems weird but I could not use it till I dropped them 
> from the blackhole.

113 is ident, it returns the user name owning the outgoing
connection.  its used by irc servers to get your username.  many sites
make ident queries.  its useful if you have users in that if one of
them causes problems somewhere you can ask for ident results to find
out who the troublemaker is.  

if you block it you will be denied access to many irc servers.  

Ethan Benson

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