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Re: pptp with mschap

John Ferlito wrote:
> I'll probably release a ppp-mppe package that is an alternative
> to ppp. The problem I was having was how to deal with packages that
> depend on ppp. I think I can get around this by usung the laternatives
> stuff rather than making the packages conflict.
>         I intend to releasre the packages in the next week or so.
Sorry for the followup, but I forgot to ask: Do you intend to create a
kernel-patch-mppe package too (from the same source package that
generates the ppp-mppe binary package) ? Because otherwise MPPE support
in pppd wouldn't be too helpful :-)
If you need a MPPE patch for pppd 2.4.0f, I can send you one (I have my
own ppp-mppe package here, so the MPPE patch is suitable for the Debian
pppd 2.4.0f-1 package, just a file to be included in the DBS patch dir).
It works for me, but I can give no guarantees that it works somewhere
else (I had to modify the MPPE patch a bit because it conflicted with
other patches from the Debian package).

best regards,

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