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Re: More detailed auditing design proposal

On Sunday, 2000-12-24 at 02:59:23 +1100, Peter Eckersley wrote:

> I threw together a detailed design proposal for a simpler system; it's
> sitting at

> http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~pde/antiparanoia/design.txt

> I've started implementing a few bits and pieces of it, but I'd
> appreciate comments and constructive criticism before I do too much.

First of all, please reverse the role of client and server. The client
(i.e. the one who requests something) should be the box that has the
checksums. Otherwise just removing a crontab entry would be enough
to defeat the whole mechanism. The "client" (verifier) requests
the "server" (verified) to present it's checksums, mtime, permissions,

You need a way to detect a substitution, e.g. somebody replaced your
verification code with his own. This one answers with pre-computed
checksums. So you have to salt the checksum calculations with a session
key (random value should suffice) to make the variable. This also
means that the verifier has to compute the expected checksums afresh
for each run.

And, please do not make this too Debain-specific. If you do it right,
the whole thing can be used for all platforms that support TCP/IP.
I doubt you can take advantage of the existing Debian infrastructure
unless you permit precomputed checksums.

(Free)Veracity does this, and it is it's major technical weakness IMO.

Ah, yes, and I'd prefer the thing to be in Perl ;-) You could
use one of several data freezers in Perl, like Storable, Data::Dumper,

Provide more than one checksumming algorithm to avoid getting caught
by later detected weaknesses in MD5.

If this is done right, Debian could provide a server (inverting the
client/server relationship I proposed) that provides the (dynamic)
checksums for all files in the distribution. (This would probably
require massive CPU power, alas.)

Lupe Christoph
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