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Re: Is/Will there be support for USB floppy drives in linux?

from the secret journal of Ricardo Rodrigues Morais Diz (rdiz@alumni.dee.uc.pt):
> Hi there!
> Yesterday I saw somewhere that linux 2.4.* will not support any USB floppy
> drives. Is this true? Because there are some laptops that I was looking
> on buying them that only had acess to a floppy disk through a USB port.
> Regards,
> Ricardo Diz

while some of the subscribers to this list may be kernel developers, this is
not the forum to discuss these matters. you should be looking at the 2.4
source (which is in a feature freeze), or asking on linux-devel.

Jacob Kuntz

"Strategery" -- George W. Bush
"Lockbox" -- Al Gore

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