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More detailed auditing design proposal

Hello again...

Thankyou to the people who offered encouragement, useful suggestions and
the opportunity to thoroughly defend my proposal :)

I investigated FreeVeracity as a possible basis for a Debian auditing
system.  I'd actually seen the original announcement on slashdot, but
payed more attention to the rather interesting (non DFSG) Free World
License, than the software :)

Licensing aside, FreeVeracity only provides a few features over
aide or tripwire (most notably a network protocol for remote
verification).  It also weighs in at over 75,000 lines of C, which
seemed a little heavy.

I threw together a detailed design proposal for a simpler system; it's
sitting at


I've started implementing a few bits and pieces of it, but I'd
appreciate comments and constructive criticism before I do too much.


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Peter Eckersley
for techno-leftie inspiration, take a look at

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