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Re: task-unstable-security-updates?

> Those who choose to run unstable choose to take upon themselves
> more responsibility/inconvenience, if they are unwilling to bear that
> burden they should not run unstable.

To me this sounds like:

  Every single unstable user must track debian-security-announce.


  One unstable user should track debian-security-announce, and do a
  little bit of work to make every other unstable user's life much

But tracking d-s-a isn't enough for unstable, since only (I believe)
security fixes for packages in stable are reported there.

Again, let me ask: Why is there no "security" bug tag?  When a
security fix is released, we can then have (for stable, tracking

  1.  Create a bug report with "security" tag, describing the problem.
  2.  Close the bug report.


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