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There doesn't seem to be an automatic way to get all of the unstable
packages necessary to address reported security problems.  You either
have to watch the security mailing lists and upgrade individual packages 
yourself or do a full dist-upgrade every so often.  As often as packages
get updated in unstable, that can be prohibitibely bandwidth and

It would be very helpful if there was a pseudo-package that conflicted
with packages that have known security problems that have been fixed in a
later version.  That way one could do a regular 'apt-get install
task-unstable-security-updates' and cause the upgrade of all the
conflicting packages that are currently installed on your system.

Is that possible?  Would the security team be willing to maintain such a

Mike Fisk, RADIANT Team, Network Engineering Group, Los Alamos National Lab
See http://home.lanl.gov/mfisk/ for contact information

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