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Re: GNOME'e nterm service

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 12:26:33PM +0100, Sergio Brandano wrote:
>  This is a little confusing. I have that nterm is the name of the 
>  service in port 1026, and I have gnome-session listening to it.

Ports above 1024 are free for any user program like gnome-session to use. 
It's nothing to do with any nterm service. If you had an nterm service it 
would use port 1026 perhaps, but you don't, so gnome-session is using it.

>  I looked for manuals, docs and all sort of infos on the local system,
>  including searching content on /etc. I could not find anything on
>  nterm & gnome-session & port 1026. Wichert, I am running this thing
>  in my machine and I dot know what it is for. Do you see my point?

gnome-session listens on a TCP port and other gnome programs connect to it. 
Gnome is, after all, the GNU *Network* Object Model Environment, which is 
probably why it uses TCP/IP for exchanging info between components.

As to why it listens on all interfaces, pass, probably it needs to so gnome 
apps running on different machines can communicate.

#include <netinet/firewall.h>


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