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Re: Looking for example package that uses multiple source tarballs

On 6/26/20 12:00 PM, Pierre Gruet wrote:
As you guessed, the fact that you got the old version number 1.9.1 in
the name of the orig tarball is because "debian" is provided as the
third argument concerning the first tarball, as the above link explains:
it forces the use of the version number written in debian/changelog. You
may see, if you put the right number again in debian/changelog, that
running "uscan --force" will download the tarballs and give them the
right version number.

Yet, I guess this should not remain as is but I unfortunately do not
have the repacking skills to do more at that point.

the --force option worked like a charm!

the empty source package issue was eventually fixed by adjusting the repack script to deal with the oversionmangle.

one minor question: although uscan --force allowed me to download and build the MUT source package, when I tried "gbp import-orig --uscan" to create a git repo, it refused to download the packages again, and I was not able to find a place to tell uscan to use --force, is there a way to also import an MUT orig package to git?

thanks again


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