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Re: MeshLab package ready for review and sponsorship

Hi Ryan,

I have uploaded the package. But it would be good if you have a look
at some small notes:

* I have enable gitlab-ci on this repo. And it looks like CXXFLAGS are ignored
  by the build system [1]. Please try to find the reason for this and
enable vlhc
  test again [2].

* Please consider adding autopkgstest, if it is possible for this package.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/meshlab/-/jobs/827736
[2] https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/meshlab/-/commit/c6307efbc883d58680474f4216d4244ce7f22627

Best regards and thanks for contribution!


Am Mo., 22. Juni 2020 um 21:50 Uhr schrieb Ryan Pavlik <ryan.pavlik@gmail.com>:
> Hello all!
> I've finished up the most recent MeshLab release (2020.06) and it's now
> on Mentors ready to upload.
> https://mentors.debian.net/package/meshlab
> It's also on salsa: https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/meshlab
> Thank you!
> Ryan Pavlik

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