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Re: How to handle a change in "Files-Excluded:" with gbp

Thanks Aaron, I should have thought about this :-)

I did and I now have 3 less lintian warnings, and I will push to salsa.

However now that I have improved documentation installation, I have a
new lintian flag that pops up:

I: toulbar2: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 4967kB 67%

Is it tolerable?

If not, is there an "HOWTO/guide" on creating a doc package.

Is it as simple as editing debian/control to describe two deb files and
have a new debian/install file for the doc package? (I guess not :-/)


Le 07/08/2018 à 23:06, Aaron M. Ucko a écrit :
>>     gbp:error: Upstream tag 'upstream/1.0.0+dfsg' already exists
>> What would you do?
> I would add a digit to the suffix, going to 1.0.0+dfsg2.
> Thanks for checking!

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