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RFS: openvoronoi -- 2D Voronoi diagram library with CAM focus

Hello all, I've prepared this package and it's ready for
review/sponsorship for any who would like to take a look:


(By the way, could someone create the science-team/openvoronoi
repository on salsa?)

Thank you!

On Sat, 04 Aug 2018 00:14:07 -0500 Kurt Kremitzki <kkremitzki@gmail.com>
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Owner: Kurt Kremitzki <kkremitzki@gmail.com>
> * Package name : openvoronoi
> Version : 2018.08
> Upstream Author : Anders Wallin <anders.e.e.wallin@gmail.com>
> * URL : https://github.com/aewallin/openvoronoi
> * License : LGPL-2.1
> Programming Lang: C++
> Description : 2D Voronoi diagram library with CAM focus
> The OpenVoronoi project aims to produce an algorithm for calculating
the 2D
> Voronoi diagram for point, line-segment, and circular-arc sites. Currently
> point-sites and line-segment sites work. Arc-sites are being worked
on. The
> incremental topology-oriented algorithm is used.
> The core algorithm is in C++ with Python bindings using Boost Python.
> Voronoi diagrams are used for many purposes in computational geometry,
but the
> motivation for OpenVoronoi is mainly been 2D offset-generation for CNC
> toolpath calculations for computer-assisted machining. An experimental
> approximate medial-axis filter is included.
> This library was recently relicensed from GPL3 to be usable in
FreeCAD's Path
> Workbench along with OpenCAMLib.
> I plan to maintain it under the Debian Science Team.
> Note: A similar library, voro++, is already in Debian, but it wasn't
> suitable for Path WB developers' needs as it's primarily 3D- and
> cell-based.

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