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Re: Request for sponsoring update of plotdrop


Am 28.06.2016 um 18:00 schrieb Jordan Mantha:
> Thanks  to both of you for the assistance. I think I've taken care of
> all of James' suggestions (thanks for those, it did simplify my
> debian/rules).

There's one lintian hint left now but that's something you can fix in
another upload later:
I: plotdrop: desktop-entry-lacks-keywords-entry

Run "lintian -Ii plotdrop_0.5.4-1*.changes" for a more detailed explanation.

> I couldn't figure out how to make my simple upstream Makefile accept
> added CFLAGS/LDFLAGS from debian/rules so I've patched it to work for
> now. As upstream I will work on making a better behaved Makefile but I
> don't want to make a new upstream release just for that.
> I added the debian/gbp.conf file. That git repo was created before all
> the branch names were standardized.

No problem, but at least for "gbp pull" on my sid system you need to put
in "debian-branch = debian" instead of "git-debian-branch = debian".

> With regard to debian/copyright, I thought I had gotten that mostly
> fixed. What problem do you see with it? I confess it's been quite a
> while since I did any Debian packaging so I on doubt am missing
> something obvious.

Well, I doubt that your last upstream contribution to plotdrop was in
2009 and for the files in debian/ I know for a fact that you worked on
them recently ;)
So please change "2008,2009" into "2008-2016".

Furthermore d/copyright should collect the information of all files in
the package. When I look into plotdrop.appdata.xml I see "Copyright 2014
Ryan Lerch <rlerch@redhat.com>" and what appears to be a Creative
Commons license.

> BTW, I'm uncertain about what debian/changelog should look like for
> working with a git repo and sponsorship. Should I keep it unreleased
> ("gbp dch --snapshot" ?)and let the sponsoring DD do the final "gbp dch
> --release"

No, you should completely finalise the package for sponsoring.
If I did any work on the packaging myself I should be added in d/control
and d/copyright.

As sponsor I'll do the following:
- check the package, report if I'm unhappy with something
- build it without any change
- check again, report if I'm unhappy with something
- sign it
- upload it

 .''`.   Philipp Huebner <debalance@debian.org>
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