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Re: hello from potential new maintainer

Happy to help anywhere. I heard about neurodebian, some people in the lab uses nipy for brain imaging related stuff which I believe you guys maintain.


2013/10/8 Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com>

On Tue, 08 Oct 2013, Ghislain Vaillant wrote:

> Hi everyone,

> Thought I would introduce myself first before submitting anything here.
> I am a Ph.D. student in medical imaging with a special interest in

I guess the work of http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/ and
http://neuro.debian.net/ would be of interest to you as well (there are
no restrictions in how many teams/sub-projects you could participate ;))

> computing and open source. I would like to package some of the tools and
> libraries I have been using to Debian, since most people in my lab use
> either straight Debian or, more often, Ubuntu.

We could also ship backports (for Debian and Ubuntu) of
interesting packages ready for consumption through NeuroDebian.

Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Ph.D.
http://neuro.debian.net http://www.pymvpa.org http://www.fail2ban.org
Senior Research Associate,     Psychological and Brain Sciences Dept.
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