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Re: Bug#696782: RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool

Il 25/04/2013 08:42, Andreas Tille ha scritto:
> The advantage of using Debian Science in your specific case would be
> that there is some gatherer for machine readable information running on
> this repository to fetch all metadata for the packaging and we could put
> it on our tasks list for Debian Science packages[1] *right now* even
> before it is uploaded to Debian.  So you could on one hand use another
> "channel" than ITP to show that there is some work in progress and on
> the other hand you can "advertise" the program on the web sentinel pages
> to the world (for instance including scientific publication data or
> whatever).

Is this possible only for packages under Debian Science? Or is it possible to have some of these features for other packages as well?

> BTW, could you tell me in what tasks listed[1] the package would fit?
> Inventing a new task would be fine as well.

I think "Linguistics" is ok for this package.
"Phonetics", "Speech processing" or "Natural Language Processing" would also be good tasks for this package.


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