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Re: Bug#696782: RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool

Hi Giulio,

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 02:22:39AM +0200, Giulio Paci wrote:
> >    git://anonscm.debian.org/collab-maint/sequitur-g2p.git
> > 
> > I'd rather recommend to join Debian Science team because it is definitely
> > related and you can get additional support.
> Jakub Wilk seems interested in this package as well and I feel very comfortable with his sponsorship.
> So, unless he prefer to use his time in any other way, I prefer to keep packaging sequitur-g2p under collab-maint.

It is fine if Jakub is working as sponsor - I know that he is doing a
great job in sponsering.  However, he can perfectly do this in Debian
Science repository as well becasue as collab-maint is writable for any
Debian developer the Debian Science repository has the same feature.

The advantage of using Debian Science in your specific case would be
that there is some gatherer for machine readable information running on
this repository to fetch all metadata for the packaging and we could put
it on our tasks list for Debian Science packages[1] *right now* even
before it is uploaded to Debian.  So you could on one hand use another
"channel" than ITP to show that there is some work in progress and on
the other hand you can "advertise" the program on the web sentinel pages
to the world (for instance including scientific publication data or

BTW, could you tell me in what tasks listed[1] the package would fit?
Inventing a new task would be fine as well.

In short: You have a sponsor which is fine, you have a repository that
could be easily moved for extra profit without loosing anything.

> However I would like to join the Debian Science group as it seem related to most of the packages I am interested in
> (http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=giuliopaci%40gmail.com). In particular I would like to see sctk (an evaluation toolkit for several speech related tasks) in Debian.
> Unfortunately I am experiencing many problems (license issues, upstream not answering emails, build issues, ...) packaging it and maybe someone in the Debian Science team
> would like to help.

That's the point of having a Debian Science team.

> I will not read email until monday, so I will be back to you next week.

... which is when I will be offline(ish) for about one week ...

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/


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