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Re: Bug#696782: RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool

Hi Andreas,
	thank you very much for your interest in sequitur-g2p.

Il 16/04/2013 11:43, Andreas Tille ha scritto:
> I missed your initial ITP but now I became aware of the package.  I also
> noticed that you are doing the packaging in
>    git://anonscm.debian.org/collab-maint/sequitur-g2p.git
> I'd rather recommend to join Debian Science team because it is definitely
> related and you can get additional support.

Jakub Wilk seems interested in this package as well and I feel very comfortable with his sponsorship.
So, unless he prefer to use his time in any other way, I prefer to keep packaging sequitur-g2p under collab-maint.

However I would like to join the Debian Science group as it seem related to most of the packages I am interested in
(http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=giuliopaci%40gmail.com). In particular I would like to see sctk (an evaluation toolkit for several speech related tasks) in Debian.
Unfortunately I am experiencing many problems (license issues, upstream not answering emails, build issues, ...) packaging it and maybe someone in the Debian Science team
would like to help.

I will not read email until monday, so I will be back to you next week.


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