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Re: Bug#696782: RFS: sequitur-g2p/0.0.r1668-1 [ITP] -- Grapheme to Phoneme conversion tool

Hi Jakub,

On 04/26/2013 11:50 PM, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> I don't feel comfortable with sponsoring a package that is maintainer
> within a team I'm not memeber of; and I have no intention to join
> debian-science any time soon. 

you have done a great job on reviewing/fixing this package.

Debian-science team has relatively many active DDs, so I think it will
not be a problem for Giulio to find a sponsor for the future uploads, if
the package will be under the debian-science roof.

I think, if you feel, that this package/ITP is ready to be uploaded and
Giulio is agreed to have it under Debian-science team, feel free to do
it, even if you are not a Debian-science member,

Thank you both for the work on the package.

Best regards,


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