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Re: Last call before metapackage creation for Wheezy

Hi Alexander,

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 01:08:27PM +0200, Alexander Dreyer wrote:
> > That's kind of 'normal' that packages become outdated in the release
> > process.  It might be reasonable to consider backports if you want to
> > make sure that users of Wheezy will be able to use the latest version.
> This should not a big deal, despite the fact, that one dependency
> (libm4ri) needs backporting, too.


> > So from my perspective the issue will be cured automatically after the
> > next upload to unstable and I personally do not feel motivated to spend
> > my time in tweaking the web sentinel to care for those kind of
> > exceptions - but patches are perfectly welcome.
> I agree, this should not be the task now.

> > PS: When I started writing I triggered the web sentinel creation
> >     manually and noticed that
> > 
> >       http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/mathematics#polybori
> > 
> >     is proving me wrong:  Experimental has in fact preference over
> >     the other releases and I do regard *this* as a bug (according to
> >     my previous arguments) because it hides the fact that there is such
> >     a package inside the official Debian release.  I hope I will find
> >     the time to fix this as long as this is not "fixed" by an upload to
> >     unstable.
> This might be, because there were not any *binary* packages called
> "polybori" or "polybori-gui" in PolyBoRi 0.5. There was libpolybori-dev,
> which is mentioned correctly in mathematics-dev.

Uhmmm, I can relax and skip the debugging about that because you are
right and


is correct.

> Anyway this is inconsistent somehow.

Well, from a source package perspective it seems inconsistent but from a
users perspective who wants to install a binary package this is
perfectly correct.  The user can perfectly easily install libpolybori-dev
but if he wants to install polybori he needs to add experimental to his

For sure you are looking from the developers site - but the tasks pages
of the web sentinel are user centric and I think the way it is currently
handled is reasonable.

Kind regards



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