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Re: Last call before metapackage creation for Wheezy

Hi Alexander,

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 09:42:35AM +0200, Alexander Dreyer wrote:
> > list of scientific applications in Wheezy easily.
> Is there a change to add the recent PolyBoRi 0.8.3 from experimental to
> http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/mathematics or
> http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/mathematics-dev respectively?

There is always a chance:


$ svn diff
Index: mathematics-dev
--- mathematics-dev     (Revision 3735)
+++ mathematics-dev     (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -114,3 +114,5 @@
 Suggests: fflas-ffpack-dev-doc, fflas-ffpack-user-doc
 Depends: liblevmar-dev
+Depends: libpolybori-dev, libpolybori-groebner-dev, python-polybori
Index: mathematics
--- mathematics (Revision 3745)
+++ mathematics (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -117,6 +117,8 @@
 Depends: mcl
+Depends: polybori-gui, polybori
 X-Removed: Packages removed from Debian
 Depends: octaviz


Please verify that I've got the binary packages correct as you might
have intended!  (It would be way more simple for me if you would specify
your intention more precisely.)

However, you might have missunderstood the sense of the tasks ans thus
I'll explain in more detail:  There is *no* chance at all to get some
packages from experimental into Wheezy release.  The metapackages do not
have any influence what will *move* into Wheezy - they rather should
contain a complete list what *is* inside Wheezy and as far as I can see
there are 0.5~rc1-2.2 of polybori inside testing.  When the metapackages
will be created those dependencies are verified and only the packages
existing in testing will be added as dependency.

In contrast to the metapackage creation process (which was the topic of
my initial mail) the web pages you are linking to above are part of the
Blends web sentinel and updated daily and thus show a current snapshot
of all packages in Debian Science (independently from the distribution -
so also from unstable, experimental, etc. and even if packages are in
the NEW queue or people are just working in VCS these can be listes in
according sections).  To get this working I really need your input
because even if I'm constantly watching ITPs, VCS commits etc obviously
packages are sliping through and are forgotten in the tasks files.

In any case I'd recommend reading the Blends doc[1] where all these
things are explained in detail.

Kind regards


[1] http://blends.alioth.debian.org/blends/


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