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Re: cctbx debian package

On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 12:11:10 +0200
Radostan Riedel <raybuntu@googlemail.com> wrote:

> I moved a file that normally lies in BUILDIR/lib. And I also moved stdlib.py.
> I don't know why but upstream is spreading files around directories and sets
> PYTHONPATH because they want to do:
> import pycbf
> I thought it's the best way to just move that file to the top directory.
> Did I do it wrong? I simply "cp" that file to the top directory.
> I first try to move that file in the setup.py with shutil but I found it a
> little bit too hacky. I don't know how to do that with distutils but probably 
> Baptiste will figure it out ;).

ok, I found thoses libraries in Debian main

cbflib-bin - utilities to manipulate CBF files
cbflib-doc - documentation for CBFlib
libcbf-dev - development files for CBFlib
libcbf0 - shared library supporting CBFlib
python-fabio - I/O library for images produced by 2D X-ray detector

so it seems that the upstream provide a thin wrapper around the cbf lib.
but looking closely to the pycbf module it seems to me that this is a
copy of the official cbf library. Can you confirm that this pycbf
python module is the one provided with cbf [1]

In that case we should work with the cbf maintainer and see if the
python binding could be package on its own, do
1) check that both cbf python binding are equivalent
2) found the real homepage of the official pycbf which seems to be part of cbflib.
2) fill a bug against cbflib package to add the a python-pycbf package. (it seems thaht pycbf is available from cbflib source package).
4) do not build pycbf from cctbx
5) one of you sumerize all this in the wiki once we are clear about this problem ?

cbflib is also maintained by Maintainer: Morten Kjeldgaard <mok0@ubuntu.com>. Do you have some news ?

> There are also 2 directories that should be moved (boost_adaptbx/boost -->
> boost, clipper_adaptbx/clipper --> clipper) I solved this with distutils but we
> can consider moving them when we do a repack and remove clipper, boost
> directories.

boost_adaptbx/boost is a copy of the official boost_python ?
idem for clipper ?

if yes thoses two directories should be removed from the source package.

> > Indeed it is possible to move things around from the rule file but it
> > would be better for other distributions to beneficiate from your work
> > and work with the upstream for an install target which suit our needs.
> I already found a good tutorial how to add an install target to Scons[3].
> But I'm not sure if it's going to install the header files too.

you will manage to find a way ;)



[1] http://www.bernstein-plus-sons.com/software/CBF/
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