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Re: RFS: givaro/3.7.1-1


On 00:09 Tue 07/17/12 Jul     , Daniel Leidert wrote:
> I saw, that the givaro*doc packages had already been uploaded. This
> means, that you need to provide a transition path. IMHO you should empty
> givaro-user-doc and givaro-dev-doc and make them depend on libgivaro-doc
> and describe them as transitional packages.


> The rest of the package looks good except for that the patches have no
> description. Although you don't need to follow the DEP-3 patch tagging
> guidelines I recommend to add at least a one-line description to what
> the patches are supposed to do.


> As soon as you've uploaded a fixed package to mentors.d.n, I'll sponsor
> it for you.


Thanks for your help.



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