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Re: RFS: givaro/3.7.1-1

Am Sonntag, den 15.07.2012, 20:04 +0800 schrieb Lifeng Sun:

> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "givaro"
> * Package name    : givaro
>   Version         : 3.7.1-1
>   Upstream Author : Thierry Gautier <thierry.gautier@inrialpes.fr>
>   	   	    Jean-Jouis Roch <Jean-Louis.Roch@imag.fr>
> 		    Gilles Villard <Gilles.Villard@ens-lyon.fr>
> 		    Jean-Guillaume Dumas <Jean-Guillaume.Dumas@imag.fr>
> 		    Pascal Giorgi <pascal.giorgi@lirmm.fr>
> 		    Clement Pernet <clement.pernet@imag.fr>
> * URL             : http://ljk.imag.fr/CASYS/LOGICIELS/givaro/
> * License         : CeCILL-B
>   Section         : math
> It builds those binary packages:
>  givaro-dev-doc  - Developer Documentation for Givaro
>  givaro-user-doc - User Documentation for Givaro
>  libgivaro-dev   - arithmetic and algebraic computations - development files
>  libgivaro1      - arithmetic and algebraic computations

To me it looks like givaro-dev-doc and givaro-user-doc should better be
libgivaro-doc. The homepage says something about "user documentaion is
lightweight" but to me it sounds like both are library documentation. So
is there really a necessity for dividing between user and developers
documentation at package level? Is there a necessity to ship both or
could we only ship the more detailed(?) developers documentation?

Regards, Daniel

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