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RE : Kudos to High Energy Physics packagers (Re: r3479 - /projects/science/trunk/debian-science/tasks/highenergy-physics)

> I have no idea whether this is somehow related to the really wide scope
> of Debian Science.  Since some time I have the gut feeling that we
> should split some more focussed Blends from the large Debian Science
> umbrella which would create some more focussed teams and it might
> enhance the communication in these a bit.  We discussed this in the
> Debian Science workshop in Grenoble and perhaps Frédéric (CC) might say
> a bit about what we did prepared at the Cheese and Wine party ;-).
> (Frédéric, I just talked with Yann (CC) from ETRF and I guess we really
> should step foreward with this plan.)

Hello, yes we are preparing a PAN Blend (Photon and Neutron Blend) dedicated to the synchrotron and neutron facilities.

I was at the sri 2012 [1] which is kind of big event around synchrotorn radiation facilities and also XFEL's (x-rays laser) and we worked with Jerome kieffer from the ESRF, doing a list of the pxsoft installed at the ESRF.
For now the list is available on this page [2] but I plan to add all the relevant information to the PAN blend as fast as possible.

1) find with the help of ESRF guys all the relevant informations related to these software (upstream website, ...)
   - Jerome can your discuss with all the other group of the ESRF to provide an equivalent list of software.
   - we need a dedicated mailing list for this can of work.
2) do a quick license investigation to see if they can be part of main, contrib or non-free or event private repository.
3) try to find FLOSS equivalent of the non-free ones if it is possible.
4) We need to sort these software and check which one can be packages and which one can not.
5) start to package as much as possible of thoses package (in git debian-science or create a dedicated PAN project on alioth). 

We also started to work on a well known package cctbx[3] with Radostan Riedel and Baptiste Carvello.

It is true that we need some advertising of this work. We also need to organize the PAN Blend, but I do not know for now if this should be technical or based on the field of research.
to me the debian-science blend is the right place for this field organization. so I will be in favor of the technical one.

I would be nice to have the point of view of the ESRF guyes and maybe of others :)



[1] http://www.lepublicsystemepco.com/events.php?IDManif=661&IDModule=71&IDRub=208
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/SynchrotronRadiationSoftware
[3] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience/cctbx

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