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Re: Kudos to High Energy Physics packagers (Re: r3479 - /projects/science/trunk/debian-science/tasks/highenergy-physics)


On 14:21 Fri 07/13/12 Jul     , Andreas Tille wrote:
> I'd like to say kudos to Lifeng Sun (and probably others who helped out
> to get a lot of high energy physics applications packaged for Debian!
> Really great work!!!

I greatly appreciate Sylvestre for sponsoring my packages.

> I noticed this when I have watched the edits in the highenergy-physics
> task and would like to comment that not only the ITPs can be deleted but
> in principle all extra information except the package name.  The only
> currently missing package in Debian from the task file is geant4 but

Unfortunately, Herwig++ is also missed and failed to enter Wheezy,
although I filed RFS more than one month ago.

The geant4 packaging stuffs are outdated for the latest upstream
version due to the large changes in the build system, some nontrivial
work is required.

> this is just in Git and the needed information is just obtained from
> there - so I stripped all redundant information from the tasks file.
> Note: I injected the ITP bug number into the preliminary packaging of
> geant4 and turned the target distribution from stable to UNRELEASED.  I
> have no idea whether this might have broken something - at least it fits
> our convention.  If there is any other "stable" distribution I'm not
> aware of feel free to revert my change.
> Moreover I created a highenergy-physics-dev task because all the
> packaged libraries have according -dev packages.  For the task
> highenergy-physics it would be better in principle to add some packages
> that might contain some according tools / applications because the
> library itself is nothing a user can actually execute.
> Could you revise the task according to this?

done. I also added givaro and fflas-ffpack packages to mathematics{,-dev}



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